Case Studies

Strategy Consulting and Lead Generation

The client is India’s first non-STEM focused EdTech startup. In the wake of the pandemic, they identified an opportunity for online UPSC courses in the market and wanted to launch the courses alongside industry giants like Unacademy and Byju’s.


How do we pitch in?

Go-to-Market Strategy

Our team conducted in depth research,
competitor analysisand online surveys to identify
the brand’s unique selling proposition,
the pricing and thepositioning

Building Brand Assets

Once the strategy was finalized, we worked closely with the internal marketing team to build and finesse brand assets like the logo, brand guidelines, the website, visiting cards, marketing brochures, and newsletters. We also worked on conceptualising and designing interiors for the client’s physical Experience Center..

Lead Funnel Strategy

Since the brand was relatively new, organic traffic alone
was not sufficient to generate the targeted number of leads.
We worked on developing a marketing funnel
comprising webinars, workshops, pdf content, free trials
and more to engage the audience and capture leads at
every stage of the marketing funnel.

Media Plan and Ad Campaigns

The right messaging on a wrong channel could potentially have a negative impact on the target audience. Therefore, it was important that we find the right digital media mix for the client and allocate their overall ads budget among these channels judiciously. Our team of experienced ad specialists then went on to create audience personas, design and launch the campaigns, monitor, report and optimize them on a daily basis to generate qualified leads and establish a market share for the brand.